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EDUCATION Our lawyer, Bonny Blake, obtained her Chinese LL.B. in 1993 and practiced law in China for a few years. She came to Canada in 2001 and completed her Canadian LL.M, LL.B., and MAPPS (Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Policy Studies) during 2001 – 2006.

CALL TO BAR Since 2004, Bonny started working with a boutique business law firm in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at UBC in May of 2006. She then completed her articles and Professional Legal Training Course. She was called to the bar of British Columbia on August 8, 2007.

AREAS OF EXPERIENCE Bonny has acquired experience in the following areas: Corporate/Commercial Litigation · Family/Divorce Litigation· Enforcing Judgments in B.C.

CAREER GOALS Equipped with 9 years of education in Chinese law and Canadian law, and many years of practicing law in China and Canada (since 2007), Bonny aims to become a top class lawyer and to provide speedy and excellent services to clients.

Membership Bonny is a member of the following lawyers’ organizations:
Volunteer at Access Pro Bono Vancouver Law Courts Office
Law Society of British Columbia (since 2007 to now)
Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (since 2007 to now)
New Westminster Bar Association of British Columbia (2009-2019):
2015 Secretary/Treasurer of this Bar Association.

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