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Practice Areas

Civil Litigation
Contract Disputes
Monetary Disputes
Small Claims
We help you resolve civil disputes. In particular, we assist with contract disputes between individuals and small businesses. We advise and facilitate our clients to reach a settlement, to save legal fees, and to keep good relationship between parties. However, if a fair and reasonable settlement is not possible, we attend court rooms for you in our Provincial Court or in the Supreme Court.

Family Litigation
Domestic Agreements
Divorce Litigation
We assist you in almost all family matters, including marriage agreement, cohabitation agreement, separation agreement, contested or uncontested divorce. We go to our Family Court and the Supreme Court for you, if that is necessary.

Corporate We do all matters in corporate law for private companies, including incorporation, annual report, corporate records, reorganization, restoration, and shareholder agreements.

Business We assist you in buying or selling a business; negotiating or drafting a lease; negotiating, drafting, granting or taking securities or mortgages; filing and discharging personal property charges. We also assist you in selecting and registering a web domain, corporate name and trade-mark for your business.

Notarization Do not need legal advice? Just come to our office and we will witness your signatures.
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